Who We Are

About Maalin

We thrive on actively growing the company, Maalin Group expertise across its different businesses enables us deliver key solutions in the sectors and economies in which we operate. Throughout its evolution Maalin Group has established, incorporated and acquired several market-leading enterprises.These activities span a wide range of businesses, including Corporate Investment, retail and distribution, technology, power and energy, contracting and trading and real estate.
The main force that propels Maalin Group forward is its people. Attracting, maintaining, developing and harnessing talent is one of our key objectives. The business is comprised of dedicated professionals, who are guided by the insights and knowledge inherited from our rich history of pioneering entrepreneurship and developed through over 11 years of unwavering evolution. Our success is a direct result of their commitment and dedication.

Our Goal

Creating and delivering sustainable long-term value for all of our stakeholders

Vision Statement

We envision to fulfill our potential and continually evolve by creating value, growing our businesses through excellence.

Mission Statement

Maalin Group aims to consistently promote growth and continued profitability through the effective deployment of capital resources and to develop corporate strategies that prioritise shareholder value. We strive to conduct our business activities in an ethical manner, to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, and to become a regional partner of choice for our suppliers. We remain committed to developing our people and serving the communities in which we operate.
Maalin General Services


At Maalin Group, we are fortunate to be guided by an accomplished, dedicated and diverse Board of Directors, whose expertise and wisdom ensures that the company remains faithful to its shareholders.

Maalin Group has adopted a progressive and modern approach to its corporate structure, which comprises two main components,

The Corporate Center and the main business activities: Retail and Distribution, Contracting and Trading, Real Estate, and Investment. Overall, our investment strategy is 100% focused on building value for our investors.